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Another night of incredible skies over Girard ave at sunset. Im moving out of my apartment soon and wont have this view anymore.













i wish i could get the actual colors but shot most with BW



There’s something about Katie Frame and New Hope that must connect very well aside from a terrible lunch, I love getting out of the city to do some work in a small town.

Before we made it to new hope we passed a few old factories that we had to check out we decided to go to them on the way back, as we continued down river road we could not pass up stopping at a the antiques flea market. in search of great buys we left with only a skeleton key.

Managing to avoid tolls despite all the red signs, we entered new hope through Lambertville NJ and stopped to see some ducks

We had some lunch and stopped in a few magic shops and headed back for the car where I almost got ran over.

avoiding tragedy we headed back to the factories we had seen on the way in

Ive used this technique before a couple of times but have always wanted to use it for live performances because of their lighting and movements.

the results came out as I hoped thanks to The Outset for providing an energetic performance and getting me drunk after the show.

these photos are not edited to look like this.

The Redbull Flugtag

The Redbull flugtag is an event in which competitors must organize a performance to present their aircraft. The air crafts mus be made by hand with no mechanical parts with the objective of making it the furthest difference. As if it didn’t sound ridiculous enough there must be someone flying the craft.

I attended flugtag a few years back in Baltimore, and it was a blast so I of course was very excited to see flugtag coming to Philly. To no surprise Philadelphia provided Redbull with the largest turnout ever for a flugtag event and the 3 hour traffic jam to get across the Ben Franklin Bridge can give you an idea of just how many people crowded into the River Sharks parking lot.

Although the weather was beautiful flying a glider with winds that branched off from a hurricane proved both challenging and hazardous.

with little delay the flugtag continued accepting the challenge and saying “no hurricane winds will not stop red bull from giving you wings”

Got out to get a few jobs recently thought id show those of you who may know me from project basho what i do when im not at the studio if your interested take a look i posted some here but i run my own little website too the rest of the photos are up on there, I will post a link.

A friend of mine Jordyn invited me to her home to photograph some of her art work with the intentions of using the photos and photos of her uncle, and several other artist work as well for a calendar. using the images to make a Jewish Calendar to raise money for the church, which like many other groups and business, Are having financial issues.

I have not had the chance to go through all of these photos yet so i don’t have anymore to show yet but this one is my favorite.

My first day off work I went home to visit my grandmother. She asked me to do some photos of her because of her age and that she would like to be cremated when she goes. She wanted a nice photo of herself to make people feel better. It sounds morbid but you don’t know my grandmother she just stopped working last year at the age of 87, shes the strongest women I have ever known but also well prepared.

Getting back to my roots A few of my friends had just got their band signed and needed some photos so they called me up. Not really sure what they wanted but carrying a full wardrobe I took them around to a few nice city spots that I know and they were focused and professional. we somehow managed to draw an $85 tab on beer and burgers and called it a night.

Special Thanks

I want to start keeping up to date with doing this.

Maybe you do too?

Id be interested in seeing what everyones working on.

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